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Stonefield Crossing HOA

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Belleville, IL 62223

The Stonefield Crossing Homeowners Association (SFCHOA) was incorporated by the developer, SRS Construction, prior to the initial sale of homes. The Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs) were recorded when the property was subdivided. The C&Rs are legally defined to “run with the land” and it is general knowledge that all property owners in Stonefield Crossing Subdivision are required to be members of the Homeowners Association as a condition of purchasing property in the subdivision, not given the option to reject membership. All members shall pay assessment fees and abide by the C&Rs of the association. Assessments fees are used to pay the expenses of maintaining the common areas, making improvements to the common areas, securing insurance for common areas, mailing newsletters and other correspondence to homeowners, and any other items delineated in the governing documents or agreed to by the Board of Directors. On September 14, 2010 seventy-seven Stonefield Crossing Subdivision homeowners gathered under the pavilion at Christ United Methodist Church on Frank Scott Parkway to learn that the developer sold the remaining properties and abandoned the responsibility for managing the C&Rs, as well as the upkeep of common areas in the subdivision. In essence, funds were no longer available to maintain the common areas. The entrance light bill, retaining pond aeration system electric bill, mowing of common areas, and other necessary costs could no longer be paid. After continued discussion regarding the future of the subdivision, the safety and security of homeowners, and the potential for losing value of property, a motion was made for homeowners to take responsibility for the subdivision by electing a Board of Directors to manage the Homeowners Association, including handling the affairs of the existing HOA governing documents. The motion was passed and the homeowners elected members to serve on Association's Board of Directors until the end of calendar year 2011, at which time the homeowners elected new members or reinstated the existing members for a 3 year term. All HOA Member Meeting minutes can be found in the Resource Center of this website.