Neighborhood Spring Yard Sale - May 18, 2019

Post date: Apr 24, 2019 3:12:55 PM

The Neighborhood Spring Yard Sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 18th, from 8:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M.

1) No fees are charged to homeowners.

2) All advertising is being done on the internet.

3) Arrows will be posted to direct traffic to those participating (once their address is

listed with Arla Chevess)

4) The permit is a GROUP permit with the Village of Swansea. If you are participating,

you will need to provide your name and address by May 13th when it will be submitted

to the Village.

5) After that date, participants may get their own individual permit (up to May 17th).

6) If you wish to participate, please submit your name and address to Arla Chevess

at or visit her at 4159 Biverton Drive (where the

neighborhood permit will be posted)