BOD Nominations, Meeting Topics & Proxy Vote Authorizations

Post date: Jul 6, 2014 2:57:16 PM

In August the Board of Directors (BOD) will be mailing a request for homeowners to provide Board of Director nominations for calendar year 2015, a request for proposed topic discussions at the Annual Meeting of Members, and a proxy vote authorization form if you are unable to attend the Annual Meeting of Members event.

The Annual Meeting of Members is planned to be held October 7, 2014, so please mark your calender. Information on the the time and location of the event will be forthcoming.

After the BOD receives your nominations and proposed topic discussions it will mail the finalized agenda for the event, to include issues that need a vote from the members and the names of individuals nominated for the 2015 Board of Directors positions. The mailing will sent to you in mid September.

Wishing you a safe summer!