2018 Annual Homeowners Meeting

Post date: Sep 25, 2018 10:22:16 PM

Plan on attending the Stonefield Crossing Annual Homeowners meeting.

When: Tuesday, October 9th, 2018

Time: 6:00 P.M.

Where: New Horizon Life Center

4180 Smelting Works Rd

Swansea, IL 62226.

This is the same location as last year's meeting.

If you do not plan on attending the meeting please provide a proxy authorization to someone who will be attending, or one of the current board members. Forms are available on our webpage resource center http://www.stonefieldcrossing.org/resource-center

Stonefield Crossing Homeowners Association Meeting of Members Agenda

October 9, 2018

Call to Order


Treasurers Report

  • 2018 expenses to date

  • Anticipated expenses for the remainder of the year

  • Status of reserves

  • 2019 HOA estimated budget

  • HOA account balance

Committee Reports

  • Architectural Control Committee

Need Volunteers

  • Welcome Committee

Old Business & Unfinished Business

  • Common area Maintenance

- Landscaping


  • Enforcement of Covenants and Restriction



  • Vote on urban chickens – Not enough votes received to change C&Rs, Majority of votes received were against changing the C&Rs – Issues will be dropped

  • Vote to allow fines to enforce C&R violations – Not enough votes received to change C&Rs, Strong majority of votes received were for the change. – Issue has been tabled for further action.

Election of Board Members

  • There are no board member terms that expire this year.

  • Always looking for new volunteers to expand the board we currently have 4 would like to have more

  • Newly elected Board of Directors will begin their term in October or November 2018, first board meeting following the homeowner’s meeting.

New Business

  • Proposal from a homeowner to change the C&Rs to specifically allow for storage sheds. The proposal will be to change the wording in paragraph 4.9 (n) as follows:

Current Wording

4.9 (n) No outbuilding shall be allowed, except as approved by the ACC.

New Wording

4.9 (n) Outbuilding used for the purpose of a storage shed shall be allowed, only if approved by the ACC and meet the following requirements.

- Must be constructed of quality material that blend with the rest of the home and or landscape design.

- Must be located in the back yard and concealed from view from the street, as much as possible.

- Can be no larger than 12' x 12', and no taller than a single story.

- All designs must address the above items and be submitted to the ACC for approval prior to installing or beginning construction.

The Board with Proxies will vote to approve the proposal and the change of wording. With this only being a clarification to the existing wording and not changing the intent of current C&R.

Open Forum for Homeowners Comments/Concerns